My Mentors week-1

Poetry blogs are different type of blogs. When I was looking for mentors and browsing the Internet looking for blogs about poetry, I was coming across a lot of poems, I love how people are using blogging sites to self-publish their art. I adore the independence of these poets. Al though I did find a post by Megin Jimenez Diary as Form, or a Case for Hybrid Genres [by Megin Jimenez]. The mentor I picked they blogged about a poet. In my coming up blogs I plan on writing on one of my favorite poet Maya Angelou. Megin Jimenez wrote about Anais Nin and Violette Leduc. Megin expresses how their poems made Megin feel. Megin even mentions they found themselves taking it slow. Megin also mentions she start writing prose poems, you can see she was inspired of the poetry she was reading. 

The second mentor I found was a poet using the blogging site to self-publish. In the future my blogs I plan on using my poems in my blogs. I found Rudyardk as one of my mentors. I love his word play. Barber-q by RudyardK there was part of the poem that I was admired of.”

“How many dead can we put under the floor

keep them close like right under our nose

the smell would tell this is our personal hell

to bite in them any given time, night, or day I may

meatgrinder does those flesh on bones like a razor

slicing vital veins in your throat.”

The third mentor I found was also a poet I found WordPress Rarasaur

I found that so inspiring like I said earlier that my future post I will be adding my poems. As I am reading this poet work, I felt empowered! I also admire how they are self-publishing. She also added her Instagram on her blog.

 In the future I am excited with the blogs I will be writing and sharing with you all. 


Diary as Form, or a Case for Hybrid Genres [by Megin Jimenez]

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