Imagining the Blogosphere

Few days ago, I read an article called “Imagining the Blogosphere” by Graham Lampa it is a bit older from the early 2000’s the writer is arguing that blogging community don’t exists. That mainly the people who are interacting to the blogs had relations before the blogs. Mainly use by amateurs who expressing themselves through writing. The author compared it to paper journalism saying the difference between the two. The freedom bloggers have with writing “The critical difference between the front-page stories of newspapers and the top-rated stories on blog indices is that in the blogosphere, there exists no editorial board with centralized authority to decide what constitutes news for the greater community—the community itself decides” (Graham Lampa, Imagining the Blogosphere) why he doesn’t believe in blogosphere community due to being online. “How can a community be said to exist among individuals, the vast majority of whom have never met one another and do not communicate with one another?” Now that internet is now easier to access more. There are a lot of communities for steamers and youtubers they are like blogging but instead they are using video content rather than writing content. Who are using their media to express themselves in a whole other way, but we aren’t calling them amateurs?  I found some blogs that I have interests with also looked if they had any “community”.

The first blog I read

Starting a meditation written by Donna Isaac. I love meditation and the calmness it brings that why I picked her blog. Even though her post was very straightforward and gives reader a visualization. Her how to feels very personalized. She reminds readers to be gentle with themselves that “mindfulness is its own practice of living mindfully informal way throughout the day and with meditation in formal, seated practice” (Donna Isaac) it’s seems like she doesn’t have a community. The blog was written nearly a year ago but no comments nor like on the blog.

The second blog I read

HOW TO START A SELF-CARE ROUTINE USING THE POWER HOUR METHOD. I’ve been really into self care that my top focus lately and I’ve been reading a lot blogs about already. She talks about getting up and supporting yourself, the way to do it and going into detail step by step. On her blog she does have a community, I see a few comments and people engaging on her blog.

The final blog I read

Was a poetry blog. I love writing poetry and of course reading. As I was searching though I thought I was going to find a blog on the process of writing poetry or what is poetry having someone explaining what it meant for them. I did find thought people actually posting their blogs and them having a community. They have people engaging to their poem. A poetry blog is a great way to express yourself 

 And amazing way to connect with a community!

Wrapping up this blog the first article I wrote about “Imagining the Blogosphere” the author argued he doesn’t believe in blogging communities. That mainly the people who are interacting to the blogs had relations before the blogs. Mainly use by amateurs who expressing themselves through writing. However that article was written nearly 19 years ago and the last three blogs I talked about some did have communities outside their relation and are actually strangers reading and engaging with the bloggers .

Works citied:  Imagining the Blogosphere – Graham Lampa

How to Blog:

Self-care routine blog:

Poem blog:

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